Article published

In colobaration with the MPOG research group we finalized our paper:

Reference Values for Noninvasive Blood Pressure in Children during Anesthesia: A Multicentered Retrospective Observational Cohort Study

Jurgen C. de Graaff, Wietze Pasma, Stef van Buuren, Jesse J. Duijghuisen, Olubukola O. Nafiu, Sachin Kheterpal, Wilton A. van Klei

Anesthesiology 2016

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This study has been funded by the Christine Bader Foundation Irene Children’s Hospital (Christine Bader Stichting Irene Kinderziekenhuis), an unrestricted research grant from the European Society of Anesthesiology 2015 sponsored by Philips, and departmental resources